Take Your Gel Fire on the Road: Tips for Summer Travel

Summer is nearly here, and for most of us, that means one thing: time for vacation! Chances are by now you’ve fallen madly in love with your odorless gel fuel and can’t imagine a warm summer night without it. Well, now you don’t have to. With light, easy-to-travel Terra Flame outdoor collections like Moroccan Fire, Georgian Fire, and Hampton Fire, taking your gel fuel on the road has never been easier. From camping in the mountains to a night on the beach, SunJel is here to make your outing just a little bit better.

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Spring Cleaning: How to Clear Out Your Fireplace’s Winter Buildup

Did you know that the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that every fireplace and chimney should be cleaned at least once a year? Over time, soot deposits build up in your flue and form what is called creosote. In the hot summer months, creosote can give off a weird smell and is also a pretty serious fire hazard. If you look into your flue and see dry, crackling, flaky layers or shiny black deposits, that’s creosote. It’s a sure sign that you need to start spring cleaning, pronto.

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Setting the Mood: Expert Home Décor Tips for Making this Valentine’s a Day to Remember

It’s Valentine’s Day! That life-affirming holiday in the middle of a long cold winter, celebrating warm and cozy love and sparking sizzling, sexy romance. Personally we think the best part of Valentine’s Day is snuggling up with your sweetheart at home for a night you won’t forget.

Staying in with your honey means setting the mood. Here are some home-décor tips that can help you transform your house into a cozy love nest.

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The Top Ten Reasons You Need a Gel Fireplace

Baby, it’s cold outside. And Mother Nature isn’t letting up any time soon. You don’t have to cry Uncle and flee to a tropical forest in South America just yet. Before you resign yourself to a new and sweatier life with pythons in your backyard, consider the gel fuel fireplace. It’s crackling fire all winter long to help you endure the long cold nights; it’s fuel you can use outdoors in your firepot if the summer ever rolls back around. But that’s not all; here are the top ten reasons you really need a gel fuel fireplace no matter what the season. Read more

What the Heck Is Gel Fuel?

“Gel fuel” sounds a little futuristic, like something you would use to fill up a flying car. While it’s definitely an innovation in fuel, it’s now used to power a much more traditional product: the fireplace. Gel fuel fireplaces are a new breed of fireplace; as beautiful as a wood fireplace but without the hassle; as convenient as gas or propane, but without the noxious smell.

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